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All the good things..comes to an end...

I hate this sentence but it's totally true. I need and I want to close this LJ. What i mean by closing is just stop posting news, I already did it, but I wanted to let you know before...I won't delete my LJ because I love it so. So why am I closing Enjoy Freedom ? First of all I don't have time to update this LJ (you may notice that) and I don't want to do new thing with LJ anymore, hummm..not just this LJ but with Sites (expect Facebook) that's why I sent a letter to my provider and they will cancel my Internet at home...because I don't want it anymore. This LJ provides me so many things that you guys cannot imagine it's a real good experience and everyone has to do it just once in their lives. Now I do what I always wanted to do, travel, work, experience new things that I've never expected that I can do...and of course, know when I have to say stop....that's what i'm doing right now, by stopping this LJ. I know that some guys are reading this (not everyone, I noticed that there's more people who is coming to my LJ just when I post pictures) you guys I'm going to miss ya and your emails where so great it touched me !

I want to say good luck in your life and please Enjoy your Freedom...

xo xo


Mackie Pics

Someone told me that when you are/were a Site Manager, you have to get lot of goodies. I wasn't agreed. And then when I looked for some TW pics that i wanted to share with DFN members, I went to a folder that I have completly forgot.
This title of the folder was called DTAM. And OMG! Most of everything Ally pics was there. And then my memories came back into me. This folder was created on 2006 time when I was Manager..and I removed all the files of the AM gallery to put my files in HQ. But you know what ? I quit I never posted those files and I have never seen this folder again until this week.

So i'm gonna post 4 HQ pics from that folder which contains more than 2000+ pics of AM. I know I'm too kind. But you know if you want me to post more comments are always nice. Because you know when you post untagged and UHQ pics and you have 0 coments I don't wanna post pictures anymore.

HERECollapse )

R.I.P Dark Vador

I learned the death of one of my best friend on the net : Dark Vador. I learned so much with her, I was what we called her right hand. And now that I leanred her death I cannot do anything, I had to post a litle something in my LJ. I don't care i'm on hiatus or not. She got an heart attack this night, she was only 27.27 years old !!!! How can we die so early ? She was still young, she had a nine-month-baby and a husband. She was a beloved friend, daughter and a mother. i'm not going to her funeral, she knew what I think about that.
 Dark Vador we'll miss ya !


I Came Back.
Happy to see you around

New design

New design made by tomorrow_brings
I tried to put the header, but I can't, so I prefer to leave it like this, authentic :)

Can you please forgive me ?

A month, a month that I didn't post to my LJ. guys i'm so sorry you have no Idea, I didn't wanted to come because I was afraid how will you react.
It's holiday forme now, and sure I will post entries here to catch all the time I spent away from this LJ.

Love ya

xoxo !


During the holliday you may noticed that I have posted a lot of  entries, because I knew that I would be inactive after, and I was right, i'am so busy I didn't talked to Dark Vador since Jan 2 but I know she is preparing a surprise for this LJ.

She registered to an RPG Board Vipera Evansacnana sorry I don't know the name and I really don't like RPG's I don't find this intresting to invente a another life and I always said : People that are in this type of board are people that are not okay in the real life, they play what they want to be in the real life. But it's ok I don't need this i'm fine without it.

I saw Gossip Girl and i LOVE Blair Wardolf i'm in Ep 8 but shhhtt I don't want to know.....

See ya later !

Allison's Special Entry

It's weird that I didn't make any AM entry..I'm supposed to be a fan no ?
So here it is avies and a header Enjoy !
No Teaser  Sorry

Happy New year !

Best wishes for the next year 's comming
Kiss you all and enjoy your freedom forever



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